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Podcast Feature: How To Make College Visits Like A Pro with Danielle Marshall

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Admittedly, I didn't have "Be on a podcast in 2020" on my to-do list, but it happened and I am forever grateful for the opportunity!

I was interviewed for the College Prep Podcast by Megan Dorsey of College Prep Results. In this podcast episode, How To Make College Visits Like A Pro with Danielle Marshall, Megan and I discussed:

  • The best times to visit campus

  • Additional stops you should schedule into your campus time

  • The type of information you should record from your visit

  • How to make virtual tours work for you

  • ...and much more!

You can listen to my episode here. Plus, check out some of the other many episodes that focus on college planning, paying for college and what to know before you go. You won't be disappointed with her nuggets of wisdom and well-produced podcasts.

Megan is a Houston-based college coach specializing in SAT and ACT coaching services and general college planning.

Additionally, Megan distributes a value-packed weekly newsletter which you can sign up for here!


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