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5 Tips for College Visits During a Pandemic

Colleges across the U.S. have weighed the tough decision to host students on campus for the fall semester. Some universities elected to be online, as they were in the Spring, while others maintained it’s safe for students to return to campus.

What does this mean for college visits? Schools that will have students on campus are also offering campus tours, but they will look very different. Read on to know the 5 rules for college visits during a pandemic.

Here are tips to prepare before your next in-person visit:

1. Most buildings and facilities are closed to guests

Residence halls, classrooms and other common spaces aren’t allowing visitors (or even students at times), so consider using virtual or online tours to satisfy this portion of your tour.

Pro tip: Use social media! YouTube ‘A Day In The Life’ videos can offer a deeper look into a typical college day and often shows the inside of dorms and other facilities. Also, an Instagram hashtag search will produce great content, too!

2. Don’t bring the whole family: Space is Limited

To adhere to state guidelines about the population of in person events, understand that space is limited. Many groups are limiting groups to nine, which allows for one guide (in states with 10 max rule). With that in mind, you may only be able to bring one person on tour with you, so plan accordingly!

3. Grade Level Priority

Some universities are giving tour priority to seniors (Class of 2021) and transfer students. Be sure to check out the requirements for your school’s tour by visiting the university’s admissions website. If you aren’t in a priority group, there are plenty of ways to still visit virtually, check out my Ultimate Guide to A Successful Virtual College Tour and Visit blog post for tips!

4. PPE + CDC Guidelines

Since we are in a pandemic, you will need to wear appropriate personal protective equipment as outlined by the centers for disease control (CDC) and each university. You are probably familiar with the requirements – wear a facemask for the entire visit (regardless if you’re inside or outside) and practice social distancing (6 feet).

Additionally, expect to have your temperature taken and you may also be given hand sanitizer.

5. Schedule in advance

Since there are new guidelines to adhere to, be sure to schedule your tour in advance. Some schools may not be able to accommodate walk-ins. If you can’t get an in-person tour, ask your admission counselor if there’s an audio, driving or walking tour you can take with your family.

While this list is not exhaustive, be sure have a good understanding of expectations before you go. Have a great visit!

If you have been on a tour during quarantine, how did it go?


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