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Welcome to The College Visit Journal: Campus Visits Demystified!

So Much To Share, So Use Your Time Wisely!

Thanks for stopping in to check out the blog. There are a ton of blogs already in existence, so I hope to differentiate mine by being transparent with you and keeping it brief!

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Leveling Your Expectaions

Full disclosure: I've had a blog in the past and keeping up with it was a struggle. My plan for this blog is to share vital information about the college admission process and college visits - scholarships, financial aid, deadlines, reminders, tips, insteresting stories, etc. Plan to hear from me once a week with something valuable and relatable.

"College inspired me to think differently. It's like no other time in your life." - Larisa Oleynik, Actress

Let's Connect

Connecting to content...

I admire higher ed professionals and oragnizations that take their time to curate top notch content for high school students and families. Much of it is compelling and sharable. I have SO many sites saved that I plan to share with you, so just a heads up that some of my content will be directing you to other webpages and sites.

Connecting people...

I love meeting new people and connecting with others, so don't hesitate to reach out and send me your comments about what you're reading, seeing, to provide feedback or critiques. I appreciate it all! You can contact me here :)

Getting Social...

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Another Full Disclosure...

I'm part of Amazon's affiliate program, and as an affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. Safe to say, if it links to Amazon, its an affiliate link.

Thanks Again

I hope you find the information here valuable. Thanks for stopping my and check out my book, The College Visit Journal: Campus Visits Demystified for all of your college visit needs!


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