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Finding The Best College For You

"How Do I Find The Best College For Me?"
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I get asked this question A LOT!

Oftentimes, students don’t know where to start looking for their “perfect” college. While there will never be a clear cut answer, there are a few different websites that offer quizzes and questionnaires to help you get there.

Many of the quizzes consist of 10-20 questions about your desired area of study, preferred geographical location and size requirements.

After answering the questions, they will suggest a number of schools based on your answers. This is one of a few great places to start.

What to do with your results

  1. Make sure that the results make sense to you. If a school was suggested that you don’t think is a good fit, explore why.

  2. Research the areas of study for the schools the quiz suggested (remember, this is why you’re going to college). Be sure to check out the course listings, hours required for graduating with major/minor, news or accolades that area of study has received. Organize and rank your findings here

  3. If you like what you see, sign up to receive more information from that university.

Now, let’s find your college! Here are some resources to look in to:

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