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Bringing Clarity to Campus Visits

How are you helping your student (s) organize and think through their campus visits?

Now in Spanish!

While an integral part of the college admission process, going on a campus tour can be overwhelming – brochures, business cards and building after building. How do you remember and record the important stuff and evaluate how you’re feeling about each of the places you visit?

The College Visit Journal: Campus Visits Demystified is a resource for high school students to use while on college campus tours - virtually and in person  - and serves as a college visit checklist and provides college visit questions. The book features:

  • Create-your-own table of contents

  • Space for your academic profile (handy when meeting with college advisors or admission counselors)

  • Reference section with key terms, plus resource websites for financial aid and college prep support

  • Writing samples to use when emailing college coaches, professors, and admission counselors

  • Eight sections for eights visits to note what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling and who you’re meeting on the campus tour

You need this book if you are:

  • The parent of a high schooler who is interested in going to college

  • A high school or independent counselor supporting students and families throughout the college admission process

  • A student interested in finding the best campus fit for four years of college

  • A person who believes in college readiness resources

Still curious if it's a good fit? Check out why I created this book, plus here are FAQs.  

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